Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catch Up

Let me just catch you up really quick: Softball is over, the first quarter is almost over, I'm playing recreation volleyball, Halloween is next Sunday and I still don't know what to be, and last but definitely not least, tomorrow I get to wear my pajamas to school!:)

I've loved getting home at 3:00 instead of 5:30! It gives me time to do my homework then play with family and friends. I can't believe the first quarter is practically over! This school year has gone by so fast! I love playing volleyball, I would have tried out for the school team, but I wanted a break. My team is really fun, and that's all we care about-having fun!!! I can't believe Halloween is NEXT Sunday! I don't know what to be for Halloween so if you have any easy cute/fun ideas, let me know!!!! I'm going trick or treating on Saturday. If you think I'm too old for that kind of stuff, too bad because I'll be going when I'm 99 years old! This upcoming week is Red Ribbon Week at my school. Tomorrow we get to wear pajamas, Tuesday we wear school colors, and Wednesday we wear mismatched things, and crazy hair. It'll be funny to see people in pajamas, I'm hoping the teachers will too!!!



I remember those fun/busy days. They were some of the best times of my life, enjoy them! I don't think you are too old to go out trick or treating.. I'll even give you an extra treat! ;)