Friday, June 19, 2009

Swimming in Ice...

Today my family and I went to our neighbors to go swimming. I couldn't wait, because I was BURNING so we packed up our swimming stuff, and left. I got there first because I went ahead on my bike. I ignored the prompt to put sunscreen on and jumped in. When I came out of they water I screamed! The water was icy cold. Apparently their heater for the pool didn't work:( some of us didn't get in, but most of us did. We would get in for a FEW seconds, then get out and dry off while eating shaved ICE. Me and Tyler and our friend stayed in the longest. We even had a contest to see who could stay in the longest. I about sunk because it was so cold I got sore. Our friend was smart and used a PINK (our friend was a boy) tube. Once our contest was over we got dry, and had a shaved ice (there was about 100 flavors to choose from literally) Once we got nice and dry, our other friend said, "hey, how about I throw a rock into the DEEP end, and you go get it" We all agreed because we had nothing better to do. She threw the rock, and we took turns looking for it. Our friend went first, but didn't find it. Then it was my turn. I thought for sure I would find it. Of course.... I didn't. Then Tyler went, 5 seconds later, he comes up... with the TINY rock. Who figures!? Everyone else seemed fine, me however, I couldn't feel my toes.:)

Once we got home I went straight to the shower. I wasn't really focused on getting clean, I was focused on getting warm. Even though it was freezing I had fun, the bad part is... I'm sun burnt.