Sunday, February 8, 2009

IHOP Adventures!

As my mom said, my family went to the Draper Temple. You can read about that on my mom's blog, the post called... "Families Can Be Together Forever."My story starts after the temple... We went to get brunch at IHOP (international house of pancakes) and I ordered a Rootie Jr. or something like that. I saw it had whipped cream on it along with strawberries. I asked if I could get it without the fruit. They said I could, apparently they thought if I didn't want fruit then I didn't want whipped cream either. And you know how restaurant like that put HUGE scoops of butter on it? Well ya, when they brought out my pancakes I saw that they did put "whipped cream" on. I decided it didn't matter. However when i got closer to my brunch I thought it probably wasn't whipped cream, and decided it was ice- cream. Can you guess what's next? Yep I got the so called "ice-cream" and stuck it in my mouth! And yes, it was so not ice-cream! It was... A BIG HUGE BLOB OF BUTTER!!! YUCK! Now my dad and I both have a IHOP story. His however is he got a huge stack of pancakes and put what looked like really runny syrup all over, but the runny syrup was not at all syrup! I was coffee! He had just ruined his perfect foot high pancakes! Luckily they gave him another stack for free, but poor dad, coffee all over his beautiful stack of pancakes! :(



I did that at Sizzler when I was little. I thought the mustard for my chicken strips was butter for my toast! BLeh!! I have not liked mustard since..