Monday, February 9, 2009

A Story From the Past

I was tagged by Casey,
Here is my story from the past:
When my family had our chocolate lab named Lucky which was a very big and strong dog. I wanted to take him on a family walk, I got the leash, put it on him, and opened the gate. Right as I opened it, Lucky ran towards the road, (see he was not fixed so he wanted to find a mate) I was dragged over the lawn holding on for dear life! As we neared the road my dad said "Hailey just let go, before you get scratched from the road!" I said back... "no he will get lost" But I finally decided to let go. My dad started to crack up, which I thought then was very rude, but now I am laughing about that! Here is another story which my dad thinks is hilarious but not as funny as the story above... My dad is the boy scout leader and he used to take us with him one at a time on camping trips with the scouts. Well my turn came, and we were going to Causey, (a lake) so I brought my Barbie fishing pole (I promise this is when I was little!) Well anyway, I decided to go fishing out of my canoe I hadn't fished for a very long time so I kind of forgot how, but I got it out and my fishing pole had a little button that you let go to cast, but I got it ready, and was hoping to catch a fish. But instead of letting go of the button... I let go of my whole fishing pole, at first my dad thought that I did that on purpose, because I had been asking for one, but really I forgot to just let go of the button!!!

I tag... geeg, and kami