Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey! (from the cuzin!)

Hey there! Its me, Hays cousin! I want a blog, but don't belong to one (jkjklol) so i decided to write in Hays! just do NOT tell her! (ha! ya, like she wouldn't look!) I am @ her house right now, listenin' to kids play WII FIT, and oh yeah, SCREAM AND YELL ABOUT shakin booties and throwing shoes! muahaha! just kidding, its really noisy though! Hey, i have an idea... since Hailey found out that i am writin' in her thing, i am gonna chat with her! I will be PURPLe and Hay will be RED! ok so here we go!
Hey, my cousin is like sooooo crazy! B.T.W hey cousin, let me guess your favorite color is PURPLE!!!
WOWZA! and hey HAY! how did you know! idk what ur fav. color is... :) remember those people that got robberized??? SCARY!!!! AHK! What are your oh so wize wordz about zat!?!?
well i got freaked out! my cuz and i went to take the garbage out at PITCH BLACK NIGHT, and she tripped and screamed a little, so i went screaming while running toward the door thinking the robber was back!!!
OH, HAY, i would never EVER let a robber kidnap ya! I mean, you are my bombin cousin ever! (well... actually... jk ily!) So i was thinking, and i decided to ask ya what you would do if a robber (rober, i mean roober lol) came to this house RIGHT NOW!!! (i mean at night when we were asleep... :)))
That would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(and on and on and on) dang SCARY!:(:(:( so i guess we wrote enough i mean this is my longest post ever(so far)so bye!Cuz say bye...
In the words of N*sync: BYE BYE BYE! and keep on being a womanizer, you thriller (HAHA!!! Britt S, and Mike J:)) LOLZ bye bye bye!) ILUVYA!