Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rock Hounding Rocks!!!

This weekend was sooooooo awesome!!! My family and I went rock hounding for... geodes, sunstone, topaz, and trilobites.
This is a trilobite I found!
( we didn't find any topaz though) We stayed at a hotel and drove to the places to rock hound. I loved the sunstone, to get some pieces out you have to get a screwdriver and a hammer (a rock works too) and hit the screwdriver with the hammer/rock 'till some pieces come out. My little brother and I love to climb which was perfect, cuz there was perfect places to do it. At the very end we went to the sand dunes and played in the sand. There was a lot of four-wheelers and dune buggies so we had to be careful. On the way to the rock places we saw a lot of monuments. We also stopped at a park to eat lunch, and at the park was a playground which had a merry- go- round. My dad was spinning it so fast the I flew off not only once but twice!!!

Right before I flew off!



That suonds soooo fun Hailey!!! I wish that I could have gone with you!!! That is soooooooooo cool that you like to rock climb so much. I hope that you will come to school today(Monday 20)because I am having cearal for breakfast so I am bound and detirmined to be hyper today!!!!!!!!! lol jk :-P

You're awesome!!!!! luv your pretty much sister!"!"!"!"!"***